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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lose Your Socks for free!

Today I set my app free! I have already made too much money ;)
I realized I had to do it last December. I was at a bar with some friends and I was bragging about my beautiful app for kids. So one of my friends decided to pay and download. I was quite flattered that he would invest 99 cents of his money just to see my creation in his DroidX phone. But to my dismay, the main game layout was messed up. It was quite embarrassing!
Because of a fine combination of too busy and too lazy, it has taking me this long to get around to fix it, .
Well the tip of the day is to test your app in more than one phone before you put it out there.
Step One: I went out and I bought my own DroidX and now I am the happy owner of this joy-giving device (you are not just buying a phone, it comes with an awesome GPS navigator).
Other tip of the day for all you developers is: if you have an animation with two objects coming together, make sure that they are laid out relative to the same thing (i.e. both centered to parent or both aligned to left edge) and then use padding to put them where you need them in their final destination. In the animation you will translate them from 100% or 200% of their size to 0%. That's why the size of this space matters. So take it easy with the padding, especially on rotations.
Well, enjoy!

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